Monday, December 15, 2014

Just Perfect...

perfectionism.  So many posts and books with comments on how it can be the end of us...especially as moms (because it's a kid's full time job to make sure mom's can't be successful perfectionists-amen?).  Why add another post to the already full sea of them saying to throw perfectionism off our shoulders to the curb like a mattress riddled with bed bugs?  Because even though I "claim" I'm not a true perfectionist, I know that none of us really escape it's tentacles entirely.  The why, I'm still working on figuring out, but how I know is easier.  Why else do we browse perfectly lovely pictures on Pinterest and pin then on dreamy boards (not that I think it's totally wrong), why else do we cherish a perfectly shaped flower, an evenly criss-crossed mowed lawn, or perfectly symmetrical shells.  What is in us that knows it's supposed to be that way?  Why does it matter?  I see beauty in the everyday messy too; that's why I think I'm not a, I can handle flour all over the place while making Christmas cookies because that's just part of it.  I can drip honey all over the floor off my toast and not get too huffy about it-but it's not because there is no harmful perfectionism there deep inside (I'm discovering).  In my case, it's just plain conditioning and comparison to greater had disasters.  I've seen entire jugs of syrup spilled on the floor... there's a sort of comparison thing that happens in my head that makes little things not so big of a deal (thank goodness for my nerves).  For example, if Willem scrapes his knee I think "at least it's not like that time Adrian came in with blood running all down his face from his forehead" or if dry cereal hits the floor in buckets, my brain says "well, at least it's not cereal and milk this time."  That's all well and good for coping, but at the end of the day I still see the perfectionism creeping in through the cracks.  Here is a very personal example I'm not proud of.  We currently don't have light bulbs in the light fixture above our bathroom mirror.  Why?  Welllllll....perfectionism.  I suppose. Or obsessive compulsive tendencies of picking around at every pore on my face until satisfied with the smoothness.  It's really pathetic how much time I can waste (or did waste...I don't have light bulbs anymore).  I could easily use up a good half hour on the process when really all that's needed was a quick once over after flossing my teeth.  Is it seeing the smooth skinned ads in magazines...maybe but I wouldn't blame it on that so much.  More at the heart of it is a birthright (of sorts) that wants something more perfect than the present we live in.  Photoshop and filters can only help us along so far into alter reality of carefully selected self image; we still have to look at our real selves in the mirror at the end of the day.  I believe it's because our soul was made for something more that makes us furrow our brow at what we see sometimes.  But because I can't keep that in perspective all the time, Luke will have to deal with dim lighting in our bathroom for a while. ha

So-here's one more glass raised to throwing full fledged perfectionism on the (let me think of something other than bedbugs this time...) like... a box of black mold you found in the basement that is slowly making everyone in your home sick. Oh yea, nailed it that time :D
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Saturday, December 6, 2014's December...

This time of year slays me.  It's like...I'm ready for bed by 10:30pm and if you know me very well that's odd and somewhat concerning.  I typically live for the night hours when the whole house goes still.  I'm downing Vitamin C and D like it's an addictive substance because it's pretty much dark 20 hours of the day, our stove fell apart... anyway... lets get right to life in pictures.  Some of the captions may be to lengthy as I lament and/or celebrate the event pictures. ;) 

The bottom drawer was used as a ladder one too many times and we finally had a reason to upgrade to a matching stainless steel one when the whole drawer fell out and was gouging our floor.  Sold the old one on Criagslist...wootwoot.
 Classical conversations wraps up until the new year... :)
 Gi was just getting acclimated to the nursery...
 ran the drumstick dash Thanksgiving morning for the first time.  It was a really fun way to start the day :D 
 Ash posted about this little place called East Coast and in my head I was like "boohoo....I never see them anymore...I'll never go there and try that amazing butter".  But low and behold, the next time we went up to see mom and dad we made this little get away happen. :D :D two smilies for that and the butter was indeed good with citrus in it. 
 we went right before they it's normally not this dead ;) Ha
dad took the grand-kiddos to a christmas tree farm over thanksgiving weekend.  I let Noah take my phone to get a few pictures after a lecture on being very careful with this big responsibility.
Well...he was sort of careful.  Until he hung up his coat and it fell out of the pocket onto the marble entryway floor at mom and dad's when they got home.  Totally busted the screen to bits.  I replaced it though.  Yes I did, all by my little self.  Luke fixed my phone last time this happened a few years back.  This time, the box with a new screen arrived and Luke wasn't home.  Since I have the patience of a gnat...yes...Luke says that and I admit to it, I started fixing the screen...on the kitchen counter...with the kids awake and running around...and it worked.  It took an hour plus and I had to fend off children that wanted cups of water but...I got it done.  ;)  So-if that isn't an advertisement for being able to do it, nothing is.  I may start a little business replacing screens-or not-I would loose my eye sight trying to see the tiny little screws.  Why am I still typing about this...?
 Adrian turned 10
 The tree is up...the clutter is flying (including beach hats)...the recycle collection bags are overflowing with cardboard (from Amazon deliveries) and paper (always paper)...the nativity isn't up yet...the house has wreaths on the windows...expect two of them which I cannot find.  It's all good-so good
 Christmas cards are done...mostly.  I merged the wrong list (dumb old stupid list...same name as the updated one on the desk top-foot stomp stompy stomp) to the printer so...if you normally get a card and didn't this year, let me know.  Those printer labels are expensive and I was quite determined to use the good ones and keep track of the ones I needed to write by hand. :P  Happy December.  See you in the new year when I emerge.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Daaaaate Niiiiight :D

It's not all work and no play around here.  Luke and I snagged a date at Mama Carolla's last night.  I was reminded how much I love their food!  I don't think we've been there for like three years.  The muscles were super good and a little bit spicy.  We both wanted more so we ordered the Mare pasta which is a bunch of seafood too.  We had enough leftover to have lunches for the rest of the week I think. ;)
 My goof ball good looking man escort :)

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Field Trip :D

groupie...or is this just a selfie of Will?  I'm not sure...
 my phone default event start time is 9am.  This field trip started at 10:30 am.  We got there at 9am...that's pretty much the whole story on that...
So what do you do with an extra hour and half, downtown Indy...with six kids 11 and under?  Well you go shopping of course!  Wasn't that your fist thought?  Not mine either, but we parked and TJ Maxx was conveniently right across the street, so we clamored in to get out of the blustery day weather.  I bought the boys some "Christmas Program" shirts-kind or felt like we should buy something after using the bathroom and pushing every button on every noise making toy in the store for an hour. :)
We even had time to take pictures in the purse section.  I mean... we were really living it up :D
 After a few rides up and down the escalator...(translated aprox 20xs)... and a blueberry bagel from Panera, we started to see our group arrive. woot woot! :)
 What we ventured downtown to see...
 being a hands on drum museum, they did more than "see".  This was the nosiest field trip I've ever been on.  Gi would start to wander off, and then come running back (tripping most of the time) when the gong whole resonate through the whole building.

They called our CC director up to lead the drum rhythm at the end :)  Fun times had by all.  I'm double checking the start time next trip though.  
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Friday, November 21, 2014

early Christmas gift...

I sort of messed up and introduced Zel-babe to her new little mouse friend before Christmas.  I just couldn't help it.  She needed to meet her.  I'll still wrap up the box and put it under the tree but...I may be just as obsessed with this little mouse in a box as Gisella...and that's saying something because she can't handle leaving the box closed once we put the mouse "to bed" after taking her out and putting her back in about thirty times already.  I've created a monster.
She gets it out of the closet...
 Then starts the never ending game of opening the box for her...
 and over...
 and over...
 finally, we help her rock baby mouse one last time... pry the mouse away...
 put her to bed for the last time... "good night mouse"...
 but then it starts all over again... :D
 You want one now right... ? ;) ha

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Review of the Hot Chocolate run in Chicago

I may have taken the least number of pictures of any trip I've been on :)  Here's a beauty I got for Noah as he said I simply must see the Sears Tower (Willis Tower).  It does signify one of the best parts of the trip though which was the drive.  Three hours one way with church girls I don't get to talk to (uninterrupted) that often was great. :D  
 I felt like I shifted into major relax mode without my kids.  I went so far as to take a picture of our room number so I wouldn't have to remember it.  So this image signifies our stay at the Hilton across the street from the race.  If you are running a race in Chicago, I would suggest staying within walking distance to the race.  It just makes sense with all the parking craziness of the city.  Julie used spot hero for our parking and we got a spot for half the cost a few blocks from our hotel.  Then we used a cab to get to dinner.  I thought this was a lot of fun since our driver was an "Uber" driver with a black unmarked Lincoln and basically no idea where anything was at in Chicago since he wasn't from the area and had just dropped of a client. Ha  Totally entertaining.  At one point I asked if there was an Uber gangster order and if we would get rear-ended out of spite for him stealing a job out of his area...he was like "What!  Where do you think we are...Chicago!?" haha)

A note on hotel pricing.  Julie reserved rooms out ahead of time.  When we arrived she was asked if we wanted newly renovated rooms for $50 more a room.  She said no but thanks.  They upgraded them anyway.  Seems like she planned to all along but thought it was worth a shot getting money out of it.  Also, when Julie called closer to the race time when we had decided which hotel we wanted, she asked if there was a special rate for the hot chocolate run.  The representative was like Yes! there is...and then gave Julie a higher rate than what she already had booked before.  Beware the concrete jungle...beware. :)
 We almost got seats at Girl and Goat but to no avail.  We did snag a table at the Little Goat though and my glass noodle bowl was amazing. ;)  I was part of later arrival group of girls so we didn't have long to shop :/  I did manage to get into one store on MI before our dinner reservation (Zara).  When I checked out, my credit card company decided that someone (other than yours truly) had my card in Chicago and my phone exploded with text messages declaring possible fraud-alert alert!  Nice they were looking out for me I guess. :)
 We (at least I) may look tired in this picture...we'll blame it on the early alarms and an early morning bullhorn going through the halls announcing it was time for the volunteers to wake 5am... 
particulars: race time 1:40:11 race supports Ronald McDonald House Charities
 The boys asked if this was real gold :) ha  
-I think if you want to spend a day in Chicago and then have a fun event in the morning like a run, then this is a great event.  
-There is melted chocolate waiting for you at the finish line and all things considered the line for that was very very short.  
-The times were posted minutes after the race was over.  The timing chip was on the race bib so nothing had to go on the ankle or shoe.  
-I thought it was very organized.  
-Corrals were neat and tidy.  
-Volunteers were cheerful and seemed happy to be out in the cold handing out water and marshmallows (which most guys were pelting at each other instead of eating). :)  

-There was one very dark tunnel we ran through that was quite long.  The pavement was just uneven enough that the runners slowed down considerably, which I thought was annoying and a little claustrophobic.
-I got put in a late starting corral and while I didn't mind starting later, I was already awake with the earlier starting group (doing 15Ks).  I started the same time as the 5K group, which meant I was back to the hotel later than everyone else.  Whether it was because I signed up later or put down an "honest" time instead of "hopeful" one for wave assignment I don't know.  I got stuck behind the dreaded slow moving mob though at the beginning for sure.  
-Some of the areas we ran through smelled like major strong sewage. :P
-A bit cold but nothing a normal hoosier couldn't handle.  They had the race run low profile thought the concrete jungle and I felt like most of the time we were out of the wind.
-the view coming around a bend the last mile of the race was very nice.  Water on the right...skyline straight ahead.

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Are you still taking pictures...?

Considering two people (that know me relatively well) have asked me this question recently...I've pondered the fact that I never post fave session pictures on this blog anymore.  I've simplified Francis Noara Photography's web presence by using a third party proofing site and a photo blog only.  This was due to me not wanting to update the photography site I had...ever.  The "photography" page tab above has the new links if interested in all that business. :)  So without further delay...some favorites from a recent sessions

I mean...could two little brothers be any cuter? :D 

 brother cuteness strikes again... switch.  More major kid cuteness. :)  Loved this kids hair

these girls love their cute...I think he likes them back ;)

And this little guy Emmet...I may have posted a single picture of him before.  Still love the newborn shoots so much. :)  I can hold a little one for a bit and ooow and ahhhh over "all that hair"

 Every part of a baby is kissable...

 This little guy was like a week old and super duper alert already. :)
Don't let the smile fool you...this kiddo was the cutest little stinker pants.  My favorite. :) ha   And while I did take many family pictures at these sessions...I posted the ones I thought were more fun to look at and not so much the group shots. :)

 his mom brought the cutest props for his bibs :)

 daddy holding his boy...and his boy's half eaten banana :D haha

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