Wednesday, September 24, 2014's dark down there...

Prepare yourself for the photo bomb....

They said, for our safety, no group pictures in the cave...we are such rebels... ;)
 picture of the ceiling... the dark part in the distance is a small token of the dark you see when they turn off all the lights for about 30 seconds.  It's SO stinking dark.  I've never experienced anything like that.  You simply can't see so thick you can slice it
 52 degrees down there...the guide thought we were crazy for wearing tank tops (especially on our baby girl)...but hey...details details...we survived just fine.  Not going to buy a $20 jacket in the gift shop okay...? :)
 A local roadside diner...
 Nothing makes you feel more like a city girl than ordering the special... frog legs...
 good tomatoes though... and the frog legs were good-not that I know what good ones are supposed to taste like from experience :D
 there was some hotel swimming pool action while Gisella napped...
then we spent all afternoon geocache-ing
 signing the logs
had to wade across a stream to find this one...

 forgot our we livened up the log by leaving a fingerprint signature in blood from a scratch Adrian incurred while crossing the steam. ;)  Wild right?
 After all that running around, we needed ice cream...
The boys said that this was like Whitt's End...Noah said it was what an ice cream shop "should be" ha

 A little lens distortion on Luke darling...but here we all are :)
 I told mom we were going to pay for a trip with panned gems and gold...I think we just about did it...

 Not sure what this guy eats in the cave...doesn't look like much... ;)
 Mirror lake... still water like I've never seen before
 I think my fave spot down there...
 presumedly several thousand years in the making...
 trails top side in the sun...
 checking out IN's first state capitol before Indy
 tribute to OBannon

 Gi and her everpresent bodyguard Jude man
 Serious play on the cannon

buckeye come in twos like this...who knew...I didn't
 And we just couldn't leave well enough alone and played mini gold before bed the second and last night of the trip...gluttons for punishment apparently.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Life in pictures...

We had our first school field trip of the year...Connor Prairie in the Fall
 The indoor play area has been revamped and I love it.  Really well done reading and craft areas along with the role playing and make believe play areas they had before.

 The village Doctor explaining blood letting and leaches...lovely :)
 Union soldiers in training-this drill sergeant meant business... ;)

 Our sugar baby watermelon :D  So many seeds, but hey...we grew a watermelon people.  Tasted like one and everything.
 My biggest heirloom tomato. :)  My grandma Carmela always said yellow tomatoes have less acid or something like that; I always think of her when I see them because she liked them. :)
That's miles y'all...that's right...I left the house and didn't come back until I'd ridden to Noblesville and back.  Boom!  I'm loving these fall days.  Amazing
 I think Gisella is figuring out that she has a face ... :D lets hope it doesn't lead to selfie addiction in future years.

Next up...our second field trip to Merango Cave IN :D

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