Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring prep in the garden beds...

Readyyyyyyyyy or come the garden posts...

last year our little boxes produced 58 pounds of food.  my goal was 20 because I was a newbie mama of garden boxes.  I learned a lot-and still have a lot to learn.  This year I'm planting way more little tomatoes and things kids can eat off the plant because they loved that last summer.  All the veggies our kids ate straight out of the garden went un-wighed we actually grew more than 58 lbs technically! :D
 my seeds came in the mail!!!  Spring!
 very off topic but this bucket of ashes sat out on the porch for a long while and got rained on...I think we made lye.  The water is really slick.  Anyone have lard we can make some soap with?  Kidding (mostly kidding).
 These are cucumber plants...they are from last year.  I don't know if they are reseeded or are some seeds that got buried too deep and never sprouted until the soil was turned a few days ago.  hmmmm a garden mystery... judging by how many are all clumped together I think it may have reseeded.  I only planted six in one spot at a time.
 The dirt settled over the winter, as you can see, and there are TONS of roots in the dirt from last year.  No videos/write-ups I've seen on spring box prep talked about roots.  I took most of them out but don't know if you have to since they are dead anyway.  We added a lot of top soil and compost to bring the dirt level back up to the top.
 I added some of this and Jobe's fertilizer to the top soil.  I didn't add much though because I put all kinds of chicken poo on there last fall and think that should work some kind of magic.'s just beautiful...some of our homemade compost dirt...
 And...Luke let the hens out
Look how well behaved they are...staying only in the unworked boxes...mostly.  They got put back in their coop when they got into a seeded box. :( for shame...

Me being a dork...Adrian taking pictures of it...  "it's garden season-muscle up!"
 And then shoot...I had to stop because the boys had their first soccer practice (official first one got rained out)  Jimmy John's for dinner and our whole family looked on from the sidelines.  I guess we are pressed for entertainment. ;)  It wasn't even a game... :D
 when they got bored of soccer...
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Monday, April 13, 2015

Medieval Times in Chicago

Scott and Gigi planned a field trip for the cousins instead of getting tons of Christmas gift for the grandkids this year (though I'm not really sure how they faired in that plan since Gigi still got them cute little presents in addition ;)
Before the main event, trying not to loose kids and get everyone to the bathroom.  It was a bit crazy before we were seated.  A thousand people milling around buying drinks and wooden swords.

No silverware for eating dinner...that made things interesting...
Our sections knight in yellow...who was definitely the cutest with the best "knight hair" ;) haha  Everyone got paper crowns and the color of your crown was which knight color you cheered for.

My crush on the knight with good hair grew when I caught a flower thrown into the stands (well...caught it is a stretch...I almost caught it and the food server carrying 4 pitchers of soda in a corset had to nearly die bending down to fetch it for me)- score! :D

Our knight won the whole tournament and beat down the bad guy who showed up :D ...pretty great being the yellow crown crew.  He came up into the stands and he and the princess gave two little girls the silks of the tournament.  Pretty cute.
By the end of it...after all the screaming and cheering... Gi was pretty roasted.  We let her listen to whale sounds and lullaby songs on the way back to the hotel. Ha 

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

flash back...

somehow in all the chaos of the holidays I didn't post pictures of our big Schafer get-together that is our thanksgiving and Christmas celebration combined.  Since this blog ends up being my family record of sorts, I'm going to retroactively post them now. :)

What looks like crazy jello shots but is actually a really nasty prepackaged asian dessert of some kind in little plastic cups.  I had to pass. :)  I don't think Laura was a fan either based on her face while eating it. :D

 Sammy feeding the masses :D
 wagering on the oldest dog...
 found some antlers in the woods...
 making medieval money purses
 Laura brought a little box that we wrote memories from the weekend and put them in there for Scott and Gigi to read later.  Very cute idea.
 They got a pig head at the butcher for midlevel night because the kiddos Christmas gift is a cousins weekend in Chicago to see a renaissance faire :D  gross!
A puzzle with several pieces that could be interchanged perfectly...drove us all crazy
 this cooking surface was amazing.  We definitely made use of it for the week.
 fixing the light and dusting the's what Schafer boys do ;)  that and kissing the elk's nose for a photo op "freeze Caleb". :D haha
a new book...
 looks like Gi thinks we'll have doctor on our hands with this one...

 some zen time shooting a paper bag full of leaves. :)

 Aunt Sammy braided Gi's hair.  no idea how she got her to hold still...little girl whisperer. :D

 target practice with the baby 22
 christmas cookies

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