Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fun with presets

The Mac preset "Aged Photo" is an oldie but a goodie that has been a little disappointing since updating my Lightroom software to 4...something.  So, after looking around online for someone else to fix my problems, I decided to try my own hand at making what I wanted and saving my work.  This isn't vastly different from other presets you can find online...but it's tweaked for my window lighting which is nice. were are (note: no other retouching done yet).  Introducing what I lovingly call:

 Sepia.Pink.Smoothie ;)



Aged Photo:

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Friday, April 18, 2014


 This little lady has been nothing but sunshine around here. :)  I mean really....?.... that belly is somethin' else.  I don't get much done around here-pretty busy snuggling all of her squishy-ness.  Can't imagine our family without her now.  Recent accomplishments are pulling up on things-and then falling on her bum.  Going crazy happy when daddy gets home so he melts into a puddle.  Gritting her teeth so we all cringe and shutter.  Growing out of all her clothes giving mama an exuse to shop for 12month stuff.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

garden journal April 17th...

Caleb and Laura (and the rest of Luke's family) were here last weekend to help us make lunch for church.  So we put the boys to work on the garden too. :)     

We put down paper bags to kill off the grass in the boxes.

At this moment, the trellis is not permanently set.  I think we may do a post at each corner and use one of the trellises as a roof for anchoring twine for plants to vine up on.  Yet another thing for Luke to do. :)  Poor guy...

 Mixing the dirt

The littles making air holes for these bins to become potatoes bins.  Have to find a spot that's not very visible for them or spray paint them grey or something...but they were sitting around not being used for anything. 

It's deck eating time!  Yay for that

Found out cold weather snaps don't phase ranunculus - I love these :D

 Here come the peonies! :D

 my little baby kohlrabi 
 garden in it's rough stages, but the early cold loving seeds are in the ground...future plans for a brick walk...must decide on wether the black trellis things stay at this angle or up on poles flat like a roof.  I'll put a poll up on the side for your opinions on that...

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Oatmeal bread

per a request on Instagram...  a very reliable well rounded oatmeal bread recipe.

I combine the following in a bowl with the hot water, egg last so it's not too hot-

1 cup boiling water
2 T butter
1 1/2 tsp salt
3 T honey
1 T dark molasses
1/2 cup old fashioned oats
1 large egg lightly beaten

I mix it up a bit with the fork I beat the egg with all in one bowl and let sit while measuring the dry into my bread machine.

3 cups flour (I use a mix of whole wheat and white or all white-any combination works and is good)
2 tsp (bread machine or instant) yeast (sprinkled over flour)

I don't like how this cooks in the bread machine,
so I use the dough setting and bake it in the oven as rolls or as a single loaf.  It seemed to fall a little bit after raising too high in my bread machine.  Anyway, after being done with the dough setting a shape the rolls or put the dough into a bread pan and let raise again until doubled.  Bake 350 until golden brown.  Longer for bread shorter for rolls but about a half hour or so.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

more DIY fails... homemade bonzer

but first a picture of kohlrabi  freshly planted- my grandpa Mathew loved this root veggie raw with salt.  He would also eat sweet onions raw by the sure if we should take his every recommendation to heart.
 Gisella has two front teeth now (she was sporting just one on top for a while) and will imitate waving :D So I guess that's her 8 month update
 classy phone shot at bug eye angle ;)
 Here is my attempt to make a bronzer/setting powder with arrowroot and raw cocoa powder in equal ratios.  Spoiler didn't go so well.
 I actually got the color to match my favorite bronzer from Aveda (which I still love...I just wanted know...try this).  I used turmeric to warm up the color a little.  
 I made a big mess.
 I applied it how I would normally put on loose powder and wasn't thrilled with the texture.  I had added mica powder so it would have a little shimmer, but it was still really matt.  Plus it seemed to make my skin look dry instead of dewy.  With nothing to lose, I added alcohol to see if I could make it pressed powder as I hate how messy loose is and I've had good results resetting loose powder this way.

major fail on that.  The alcohol trick must only work on talc or "normal" based powders because it wouldn't dry out and when it did it was hard as a hockey puck. haha  I trashed it and didn't look back.  I'll use the arrowroot and beet powder in the kitchen.    

I also tried cocoa powder added to coconut oil as a bronzer/moisturizer for my legs and that was a bit of a no go too.  My legs looked a tad bit darker...but it wasn't even and was nearly impossible to fix (or I'm just not patient enough, which is quite possible).  The streaks just kind of moved themselves around.  It smelled nice though.  

I also mixed up some lip gloss with beet root powder and mica.  I used non-petrolium jelly as the base (which is a castor oil not petroleum product).  the results were okay.  
 Here is a natural color picture.  The resulting hue is a little too dark for my taste, but what bugs me the most is a slight gritty texture.  It's not something I would get addicted to.  I may try a lanolin based gloss and add much less red next time. :)

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

five minutes of writing...

It's been awhile...and I miss writing without editing or being overly critical of what comes out of my head.  So, here we go, five minutes with a randomly generated prompt :)

Prompt: bead

time: 3:09

To be honest, when I read the prompt I thought it wasn't that great of a word for creative writing.  but that's okay.  That's what this is about.  Not knowing what's going to pop up as a prompt.  And really...isn't that how life is too.  Can you truly enjoy it if you MUST know what to expect all the time, every time.  Take a few twists and turns.  Breath in breath out.  Where was I...oh ya...bead.  So, since I had five boys in a row, my association with bead is little plastic ones that turn into cute designs on a mini peg opposed to necklace beads.  Then my kids ask over and over for me to iron the creation so it doesn't get ruined.  but I lost the piece of paper for ironing that came with the beads a long time ago and keep telling them I'll iron it if I can find/ buy the paper until the art hits the floor and beads fly everywhere.  At least I'm not pressured to hang them on the fridge since they get ruined before that point.  I don't really like things on my fridge.  Does that make me a lame mom?  Don't answer that.  I may be scarred from a crush I developed at 9 years old over a boy giving me a iron bead watermelon off his fridge when he saw I liked it.  Our relationship never really took off from there.  Was it the watermelon slice or me..?.. I'll never know.  It may be good to note that if a bead (or whatever) gets stuck up a child's nose and you don't want to speed off to the ER, that you can give a "mommy kiss".  You can google that as I'm out of time, but the main gist is, cover/close the nostril that doesn't have a bead in it, put your open mouth on child's open mouth and blow gently.  The bead will most likely be forced out.  We've done works.  Other moms have done it.  It works.  If you ever need to do won't think it's gross...promise.

time: 3:16

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Life in pictures...

My sister Ashton threw a one year old party for Lucette Mela that got me doing some research on Pinterest for Gisella's in July...I mean...if I don't come up with something darling by then, the comparison of the two parties will be quite stark and dismal. haha
 Gisella's party dress :)
 So random...found this looking through pictures for this post and it makes me so eager to go on a solo trip somewhere (which won't be for a while since Zel babe is so little).  behind this glamorous couple selfie is the Mediterranean cost...sigh... hard to believe Gisella wasn't around then :)

 Luke makes his first oatmeal stout micro brew...I'm learning all kinds of things about beer :)
 There it is...Luke's baby beer.  It won't be ready to bottle for another month.  And then it has to rest after that.  It's quite a process. :)
 Up North seeing Luke's amazing family.  Look at all those 1st cousins :D
 We pulled out all the stops since it was cold outside...Uncle Caleb's juggling show, skits and I even made a face on my chin and hung upside down for their enjoyment. haha

 I got the girlies a basket weaving kit for Christmas...two years ago.  I finally did it with them over the
weekend.  Better late then never on that one. ;)

 I forgot that Spring + boys = mud
 rainy day lemon cookies

 opened the trunk to load groceries and had a mommy moment.  

 Date night at Sangiovese.  Love this place.  In the summer, the deck is nice too.  Not stuffy/overpriced but still really nice.  This group pictured normally plays on Thursday nights and was a string group with piano.  The last song of the night was Sky Fall from Bond (I think)...very good music.

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