Wednesday, August 20, 2014

new chicks...

Don't kill me for posting more pictures of poultry.  ;) ;)  There really isn't anything too terribly more darling than budgy baby hands and fluffy chicks...and when you combine them...weeeeeeell..... lets just say I'm a fan. :D

"well, I would look at that chick there...but my cute distracting..."
"oh my word...I think it's coming this way..."
"I knew it...these things love me...."
 The chick on the right...ya, the snooty looking one with a smug expression.  That is a symbol of my falling into a delusional state in regards to chickens.  Chicks are  haha  couldn't help it.  Usually about $2 a piece.  The grey one there is the cost of ten more humble varieties.  I'll let you do the math on how dumb I am for buying it.  Even if it does have special "silver blue" feathers in it's genetic make up.
 Gisella Rene` considering swatting to death or swiping my expensive bird off the stool. ;)  
tomatoes are finally getting red.  tomatoes are sun hungry, and these don't get quite enough, so they are taking their sweet time.  They are yummy though, so that's something worth the wait.
 And the planted late sunflowers are bursting open to the boys delight :D
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Monday, August 18, 2014

coop building updates...

In chicken coop news... I used a table & circular saw and nail gun without loosing any appendages...which I'm quite worried about when using power tools I discovered. :)  The car siding is going up pretty fast so now I need to find the right handles for the doors.  We are going to try to do a plexiglass roof (to keep it dry and not so dark since the front side has a solid wall) on the run, but it's annoyingly expensive.  Who knew a piece of plastic would put you back a hundred smacks. :(  If we did an itemized list of what this coop is costing us, it would be safe to assume we could buy a several (....actually many might be a better word) years worth of eggs with the sum.  But, the boys are learning a lot and it's hard to put a price on education...can I get an amen? :)
 Nay-nay's first pig tails! :D  Luke was pretty smitten by them and almost went out to buy her a car or something. ;) haha
 Our stopping point last time we worked on the coop... Luke had to do something lame like go to work at the hospital or something. ;)
When we left for vacation, our lemon cucumber plant looked vibrant and green.  When we got home, it was coming down with a bad case of powder mildew. :( boo.  The cucumbers look fine, but some of the leaves are turning yellow and dying.  So I tried 1 1/2 Tablespoons of baking soda to 1 gallon of water in a sprayer today.  I'll keep you posted on if it works. :)

after spraying the leaves-they are still they look pretty awesome here. ;)

the plant has it the worst at the base...which I would assume is bad since all the growth will die if things go bad at the root... come on baking soda salt... work some organic magic! :)
 I also sprayed my cabbage plants with peppermint castile soap diluted with water.  It's being decimated by cabbage we'll see if that works as well.  I originally bought BT (which is a natural bacterium) to use, but is smells so awful I don't think I can bear using it.  It smells nothing like a natural bacteria and is a fake wintergreen color.  Hmmmmmmm.... my senses say no to whatever else is in the bottle along with the bacterium active ingredient, even if the cabbage is looking like swiss cheese these days. ;) ha
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Saturday, August 16, 2014

SC Vaca 2014

One of the more calm moments of the 12 hour drive one way :P
 Finally to the beach first day
We had so many little kids, we had lots of life vest requirements for sanity of parents on the beach trips. :)

 Hilton Head isn't really known for it's shell collecting ;) hehe
Cooking for this growing family makes us break into faces like this :D  We all help each other chop etc on nights that we are not specifically assigned to, ;)
 speaking of... mom makes the starters...
 These are not fully assembled...roasted tomatoes missing
 soup soup and more soup for our meal ;)

 We set up a soccer field and most of us played ;)
 It was serious and not so serious at the same time with the kids playing.  We had a very intense penalty kick ;)
 Christian getting some kicking tips ;)
 oh ya!
 morning scenes...
 I brought temporary tattoos for the "kids" but figured we would all go crazy using them. ;)  Fun fun ;)

Adrian catches a lizard that Annie found in the pool :) 

 You may be wondering (or not ;) what the turtle bracelets are all about in some of the pictures.  They are a wearable pool alarm system we invested in for this trip.  With so many young kids and a pool right by the house we spent good money on these things for added peace of mind.  They false alarm about 2-3 times a day from kids licking them or on occasion sitting on them with a wet swim diaper if put on the ankle (we ended up moving them all to the wrist as recommended).  Willem went out to the pool and was playing in the water laying on his belly at the edge of the pool.  It went off alerting me he was at the pool right away.  No adults were out there, and even though I was close by and there were windows all around the pool (and he was along the shallow end)... It takes no time at all for a child to drown. So...bottom line, I would recommend this system even for one legit alarm siren.  And's a loud loud alarm noise.  Even though it's annoying taking the bracelets on and off with a key and the alarm going off for what seems like no always went off when they got put in water or got wet, and that's the goal. :)  and as long as the batteries are good, they can be reused for a few years before bracelets need replaced.  I got them on Amazon...I probably could put some sponsored link here but I'll skip that. ;)  Just search "terrapin pool safety turtle" and you should find them with no trouble.
 can you believe he didn't pick my card for "creepy"... I saved "my mind" for the perfect round and he picked "a morgue".  Guess after having cadaver lab I can't blame him. ;)
 On this night, all the adults went out for dinner and we all laughed so hard our heads/faces literally hurt.  I wiped several tears out of my eyes from laughing uncontrollably -crazy fun. :)  Thanks for the recommendation Heather H. ;)
 board walk...
 a who wore it best war... ;) haha
 pre-crabbing huddle!  we had the best participation and enthusiasm ever this year. yesssssss!
 the prize...don't let the size fool you, they are FAST! ;)

 Ashton's well placed tattoos ;)
 girl's day out shopping :D  and my Birthday! :)
 Ash made this amazing cake for me.  So sweet of her to put so much effort into it.  It had grated roasted sugar beets in it.  You would never know it; when I tasting the raw batter, I thought it was red raspberries when she asked what I thought was in it. :)  So good and even better after sitting overnight.  And mom made tiramisu too.  Talk about spoiled ;)
Not pictured are all the sick day pictures.  A lot of us dealt with a virus during the trip. :(
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

life in pictures...

Things I find waiting for me around the house. :D  I think they are birds...
 The chicks are getting really big :)  We have three more coming to fill up our new coop.  You can be sure I'll post pictures of them. ;) ;)
 The garden continues to grow all over the place. 
 A water mellon! :)
 This kid loves, really loves them. :)

 I got some chore boots...I know...I know... because chickens are trendy right now, it's not even cool because it's unique.  It's just plain crazy how much we've fallen into the whole chicken scene.  Anyway... it's super fun regardless of coolness.
speaking of crazy... I'm back on my kick of finding a chocolate yogurt I like.
 There has been some straining...
 some hand mixing...
 This batch tastes like tangy chocolate mousse.  Not a bad flavor to be sure but I think it needs more liquid left in it to be like my fave TJs yogurt.  So the experiments continue. ;)  

 My guess is both chicks are girls...we'll see though, it's hard to tell
 What did he expect wearing that batman robe?
 The dirt in my carrot garden box settled to about 8 inches deep and now we have a bunch of fat short carrots! haha oh my...maybe a little more dirt next year for them to grow in.
 The coop project continues...
 Noah is Luke's side kick and is actually helping instead of just getting in the way these days.  He's also entering 6th grade, I'm kind of in denial about how old he is actually.  For real...I thought he was still in 5th grade until I needed to order his books last week. :/

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